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Quality Metal Roofing in Plano, TX

Modern Metal Roofing Offers Style, Savings, and Strength

Metal roofing has evolved tremendously in the past decade. Today’s materials, colors, and installation methods allow for customizable styles and unmatched performance.

In North Dallas, we see metal roofs gaining popularity as homeowners and businesses realize the benefits over asphalt shingles. Metal roofs offer superior hail protection, energy efficiency, and long-term value.

But not all contractors can handle metal roofs properly. Our team specializes in metal installation and custom metal projects. With experience and the right tools, we expertly cut and shape metal to fit any roof design. Improper metal installation risks leaks and voids the warranty.

Trust our metal roofing experts to maximize performance and aesthetics for your home or business. We keep up with the latest materials and techniques to bring you a beautiful, durable metal roof that protects your investment. Contact us today to explore your modern metal roofing options with a contractor that truly understands metal.

Metal Roofing Materials

Common Metal Roofing Materials

The most basic metal roofing material is galvanized steel, coated in zinc as corrosion protection. Galvanized aluminum is also popular, though the extra cost for rust resistance isn’t necessary in Dallas. These metals come pre-painted or with a baked-on granular coating in various colors.

Stone-coated steel is a more expensive option, but hides the metallic appearance. It mimics traditional roofing like wood, tile, shingles, and slate.

For high-end aesthetics, pure zinc and copper offer natural elegance. We can install copper accent sections on bay windows, eaves, or shingle facades to elevate curb appeal.

At Title Roofing, we work with all metal types. We’ll help you choose the right materials to achieve performance, durability, and design goals within your budget. Our expertise brings out the best in metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Systems

Types of Metal Roofing Systems

Corrugated metal roofing installs in panels, reducing material and labor costs. It works well for shelters, barns, and commercial buildings but is less common on homes due to its rough look. However, corrugated costs are comparable to asphalt shingles.

Standing seam metal roofs are most popular for residential and high-end commercial projects. Unlike exposed fastener corrugated systems, standing seam conceals fasteners between vertical panels for superior leak and hail protection.

For a traditional aesthetic, metal can be shingled with interlocking pieces that withstand wind and hail. Metal can even mimic wood shakes or terracotta tiles.

At Title Roofing, we recommend the best metal roofing system for your application and budget. Our expertise in installation maximizes performance while realizing your vision. Trust us to help select durable, attractive metal roofing tailored to your needs.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs offer significant advantages, especially in Dallas’ hot climate. Their high reflectivity delivers powerful energy savings – up to 40% on bills! Metal also needs little to no maintenance compared to asphalt shingles which require regular cleaning.

Metal stands up to weather, rarely needing repairs after wind or hail storms. Fire and hail resistance ratings are top-notch. Many metal roofs install directly over old shingles for easy re-roofing. We can often complete installs in a single day!

Finally, metal roofing longevity is unmatched, lasting 40-70 years in many cases. Some come with lifetime warranties that transfer to future homeowners, bolstering resale value.

For maximum energy efficiency, minimal upkeep, weather resistance, fast installation, and longevity, metal roofing outperforms. Contact Title Roofing to unlock the benefits for your North Dallas home or business. Our metal roofing expertise maximizes this smart investment.

Our Promise and Values

Our Promise at Title Roofing & Construction is simply to deliver exceptional results in everything we do for our loyal customers. We will not cut corners or sacrifice quality to save time and will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied with our work. And that’s a promise!