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Pinpoint Roof Leaks with Electronic Detection

Finding the exact source of a roof leak is crucial for proper repairs. At Title Roofing & Construction, we utilize advanced electronic leak detection to pinpoint problem areas quickly and accurately. This allows repairs to begin immediately before costly water damage spreads.

Our thorough leak detection:

  • Locates the origin of water leaks, however hidden they may be
  • Detects moisture issues that lead to mold/mildew growth
  • Identifies ventilation flaws and gaps in insulation
  • Spots pest entry points and damage around the roof
  • Checks for energy inefficiencies requiring upgrades

We also specialize in metal roof leak detection. Even minor leaks in metal can lead to rust and expensive repairs over time. We identify the source of metal roof leaks early on to prevent extensive damage.

Don’t tolerate leaks and water damage. Our precise leak detection methods find issues promptly so repairs can start right away. We provide metal and all roof type leak detection across Dallas-Fort Worth. Contact us today to schedule – we’ll solve your leak issues for good.

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Our Promise and Values

Our Promise at Title Roofing & Construction is simply to deliver exceptional results in everything we do for our loyal customers. We will not cut corners or sacrifice quality to save time and will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied with our work. And that’s a promise!