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Storm Damage Roof Checklist: What to Look For After Severe Weather

Few things are sadder than a storm-battered home. But it’s important to thoroughly assess roof damage before making repairs. Use this checklist after severe weather to identify issues:

Inspect the Roof Surface

  • Look for missing, cracked, curled, or torn shingles/tiles. Circle widespread damage.
  • Note any puncture holes, blistered spots, or exposed nail heads.
  • Check flashing around chimneys, vents, and valleys for rips or lifting.

Check the Attic and Interior

  • Shine a flashlight for sunlight penetrating through damage.
  • Move insulation to find hidden water stains on rafters and roof decking.
  • Check ceilings and walls for water marks, bulges, or dripping.

Evaluate the Roof Structure

  • Are sections sagging from structural failure? Identify and photograph.
  • Look for roof decking separation at ridges and joints.
  • Confirm the presence of roof sheathing beneath shingles.

Diagnose Correctly

  • Differentiate wind damage vs. hail strikes based on patterns.
  • Consider the age and condition of roof prior to the storm.
  • Review inspection photos and notes before meeting with your insurance adjuster.

Stay Safe During Assessment

  • Keep away from areas that look unstable or compromised.
  • Work carefully on a ladder and wet roof.
  • Wear shoes with grip and protective goggles and gloves.

By methodically inspecting and documenting storm damage, you can make the best decisions on roof repairs. Contact the storm restoration experts at Title Roofing for a closer inspection and repair recommendations. We provide honest, accurate storm and hail damage assessments. Call today to start getting your roof back in shape after severe weather!

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